#2: May 1, 2013 – 1478 kg of Ivory From Kampala/Mombasa Seized in Dubai
May 1, 2013. 1478 kg of ivory from Kampala/Mombasa seized in Dubai

#2: May 1, 2013 – 1478 kg of Ivory From Kampala/Mombasa Seized in Dubai

Irrefutable Evidence of Cartel Ivory Stockpiling - DNA Analysis Shows Tusks from Same Elephants in Different Shipments

DNA analysis found that tusks of 2 elephants had been separated pre-loading, with 2 singlets found in this shipment and the matching ‘mate’ found in a ivory seizure 3 1/2 months previous in Mombasa.  Likewise it was found that 3 tusk ‘singlets’ were found in this shipment and the matching ‘mate’ found in a Mombasa seizure in October, 5 months later. (courtesy Center for Conservation Biology – Samuel K. Wasser et al)


  • It is reported that on May 1st, 2013, Dubai customs officers located the 1478 kg of ivory in a container during a routine X-ray of container.
  • The shipment, that originated in Kampala and transited Mombasa, was declared as containing wooden furniture.
  • The final destination for the 259 tusks has never been disclosed.
  • DNA analysis indicated that the ivory originated from elephants found primarily in Kenya and Tanzania with a smattering from Mozambique and Zambia. (indicated by blue circles in diagram)
  • This same analysis also revealed that some matching tusk pairs had been separated before packing, with 2 tusks having a direct match with 2 tusks in a January 2013 seizure (#12, 3837 kg seized in Mombasa) and 3 tusks having a direct match with a seizure made 6 months later in Mombasa (#19 2898 kg seized in Mombasa).
  • There is no known prosecution relating to this seizure in Kampala, Mombasa or Dubai.

Hundreds of pieces of raw elephant ivory seized in Dubai

Source URL: https://www.thenational.ae/uae/hundreds-of-pieces-of-raw-elephant-ivory-seized-in-dubai-1.255274 (May 21, 2013)
Hundreds of pieces of raw elephant ivory have been seized in a shipment at Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, the Ministry of Environment and Water announced.
The haul, amounting to 259 pieces of ivory, was disguised as furniture being transported from an unspecified African country.
The ministry confiscated the shipment of ivory after it was stopped by Dubai Customs.
“The ivory was smuggled as furniture pieces,” said Sultan Alwan, the ministry’s assistant undersecretary for the external inspection sector. “Inspection by the ministry’s technical staff at the port revealed that it contained 259 pieces of crude ivory tusks taken from Loxodonta africana elephants.”…….
Last November, Dubai Customs seized a haul worth Dh15 million at Jebel Ali Port. The 215 tusks, hidden in 40 boxes of beans, came from 108 African elephants .
Ifaw estimates that up to 50,000 elephants are killed each year to meet the increasing demand for ivory.
In March last year, 1.5 tonnes was intercepted in Sri Lanka on its way to Dubai. The shipment was from Kenya, with ivory hidden in containers marked as plastic waste.

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