Saving Endangered Species through Education and Justice

Actioning accountability, transparency, and integrity in wildlife crime cases before the courts

The core business of SEEJ-AFRICA is court monitoring wildlife crime cases as they proceed through the judicial process; for endangered species, and the men and women of integrity who are fighting the good fight against the illegal wildlife trade. SEEJ-AFRICA is actively following in the courtroom over 70 ivory prosecutions in 16 different courts across Kenya.

Wildlife Court Cases
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Embu – Two arrested with 53 kg ivory

Officials said the seizure indicates a likelihood the incidents happened in the


565/20 Kibera- R. Vs Jesse Mwangi Karanja, Ngugi Muigai, Catherine Kabura 3 kg

Today's Court Update #44. August 31st, 2023 (Mention): DNA (Did not attend). Judgement


E212/23 Mariakani – R. vs. Ngari Charo Kahindi 4 kg Ivory

Today's Court Update  #8. September 12th, 2023 (Hearing): Today's hearing featured an occurrence



International wildlife crime is a crime of complexities like no other. Far beyond basic human greed and the simplistic notion that it is the killing, destruction, and selling of thousands of species of flora and fauna around us, wildlife crime encompasses so much more. 

It is about extinction and fractured ecosystems, legal wildlife markets and pandemic disease, international trafficking and the failure of criminal justice systems to provide meaningful deterrent, an omnipresence of corruption that enables all the right wheels to be greased, and insatiable Far East markets feeding off hundreds of years of tradition or belief.

Wildlife Crimes in the Courts Today

providing a deterrence to wildlife crime within the sphere of criminal justice.

It is about deterrence through education and awareness, deterrence through legal advocacy and justice, deterrence through knowledge based reporting and commentary, deterrence through collaboration with like minded organizations, and deterrence through a commitment to truth, integrity and independence. 

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Wildlife Crimes in the Courts Today