CF E324/2021 Mariakani
Mariakani Court

CF E324/2021 Mariakani

One Charged with Dealing in 101 kg of Ivory

  • July 17th, 2021, one man was arrested by the Kenya Wildlife Service in the Kinango Sub-county area of Kwale county, and found with 101 kg of elephant tusks.
  • There were 8 tusk pieces found wrapped in two green and two white nylon bags and tied with two sisal ropes.
  • The accused, Haffex Sharif Kenga, was arraigned in Mariakani court on July 19th for Dealing in Wildlife Trophies and appeared on August 2nd for a pre-trial report.
  • This is believed to be the largest seizure in Kenya since July 30th, 2019, when 182 kg of ivory was found with two men in the Rabai area, south of Mariakani. They have since been found guilty and are serving a 7 year jail sentence..
FILE CF E324/2021 Mariakani
SEIZURE DATE July 17th, 2021
CONTRABAND SEIZED AND CIRCUMSTANCES 1 male found with 8 tusk pieces weighing 101 kg. The tusks were wrapped with 2 green, 2 white nylon sacks and tied with sisal rope.
LOCATION Kinango Sub-County, Kwale County, in an area approximately 100 km north west of Mombasa.
ACCUSED Haffex Sharif Kenga
CHARGED Dealing in Wildlife Trophies
COURT Mariakani
VALUE (CHARGE SHEET) KSh 10 million (USD $92,000)
ARRESTING AGENCY Kenya Wildlife Service
INTEL_PERSONS OF INTEREST One suspect is still outstanding.

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