Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

To save and protect endangered species in Kenya and abroad, by Observing, Tracking, Reporting and Supporting, wildlife crime investigations and prosecutions within and without, the court room.


To contribute, directly or indirectly, to Kenya’s first legitimate conviction in a major wildlife trafficking case. (COMPLETED)

Our Vision

SEEJ-AFRICA will establish throughout East Africa, a network of independent, lawyers and legally trained wildlife crime courtroom monitors.

Our Values

SEEJ-AFRICA will engage with three core values in mind; Truth, Integrity and Reciprocity while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality when required.

Truth & Integrity

We are about Truth and Integrity which means there is no level of tolerance for corruption or those who commit, are complicit or turn a blind eye. Corruption is the grease of wildlife crime and needs to be called out when identified.


Wildlife crime investigations and prosecutions cross jurisdictional boundaries at numerous levels within many organizations and countries, public and private. A lack of information Sharing and Collaboration between these agencies is critically debilitating.


SEEJ-AFRICA pledges to share obtained information and knowledge where required, while maintaining absolute confidentiality where required, so as to negate the level of impunity presently enjoyed by organized crime cartels.

Actioning accountability, transparency, and integrity of wildlife crime cases before the courts