You are currently viewing #48 January 2019, Kampala – 3.3 tonnes of ivory destined for Vietnam

#48 January 2019, Kampala – 3.3 tonnes of ivory destined for Vietnam


  • On January 24, 2019, and acting on intelligence, Ugandan authorities stopped a truck/container on the Kampala outskirts carrying teak logs.
  • The cargo, enroute to Vietnam transiting Mombasa, was found to contain 3299 kg of ivory and 423.7 kg of pangolin scales secreted in the hollowed out timber logs.
  • Two Vietnamese nationals were initially arrested and more were later charged.
  • Part of this shipment contained ivory known to have come from the Burundi Government ivory stockpile, similar to 5 other seized ivory shipments with a  Kampala root, undoubtably linked the the Moazu Kromah network.
  • This case is presently wallowing before the Uganda courts.
FILE 6/2019 Uganda  Anti-Corruption Court
SEIZURE DATE January 24th, 2019
SEIZED WEIGHT Ivory - 3299 kg
SEIZED DESCRIPTION 762 pieces hidden in 9 logs
OTHER CONTRABAND Pangolin Scales - 423.7 kg
POINT OF ORIGIN Democratic Republic of Congo/South Sudan
POINT OF ORIGIN DNA 1. Burundi Ivory: Savanna elephants, primarily Tanzania stretching into north Mozambique and some south Kenya. 2. Savanna elephants, non-Burundi Ivory: primarily Tanzania with some south Kenya. 3. There were some forest elephant tusks in the shipment from North East DRC.
TRANSIT POINTS Mombasa (enroute to before seizure)
VALUE Ivory - USD $2,352,187; Pangolin - USD $1,271,100
COVER LOAD Teak wood logs hollowed out with tusks/scales set in paraffin wax
DECLARED AS Doussie wood
EXPORTER CONSIGNOR Nguyen Son Dong; Thai Xuan Tuan; Clintwood General Traders, Kampala (BoL)
CLEARING AGENT FREIGHT FOWARDER Embassy Forwarders International Limited (Patel Samir Mathurbhai)
CONTAINERS/MODE OF TRANSPORT 20’ containers - MSKU 236961/0 being transported by Global Cargo Movements (Mombasa)
CONNECTIONS 1. A tusk in this shipment was a direct match with a tusk in a February 2017 1.3 tonne seizure in which Kromah and his two sons were arrested. 2. One of the consignees, Thai Xuan Tuan, had been arrested in  August 2017 attempting to depart Entebbe with 23 kg of rhino horn. He had traveled by road from Kenya. 3. This shipment contained Burundi government stockpile ivory similar to 5 others. See link in Thumbnail for details.


Accused #1: Pham Van Chien (arrested with container)

Accused #2: Nguyen Son Dong (hired container)

Accused #3: Phung Thi Lien (f)

Accused #4: Dinh Van Chung

Accused #5: Vo Quoc Trinh

Accused #6: Dinh Van Quan aka ‘Tony’

Accused #7: Thai Xuan Phuong (TXP)

Accused #8: Nguyen Van Thanh

Ten others are wanted including a Thai Xuan Tuan, who in August 2018 was arrested at Entebbe IA with 23.4 kg of rhino horn preparing to fly to Vietnam.  It is not known what happened to his court case but he was subsequently permitted to leave Uganda, only to return again to traffic ivory and rhino horn.


  1. Possession of Prohibited goods contrary to section 200 (d) (i) of the East African Community Customs Management Act, 2004 (On two counts of Ivory and Pangolin scales). Upon conviction under this section the accused would be liable to imprisonment for maximum of Five (05) years or to a fine equal to 50% of the dutiable value of the goods involved.

2. Possession of wild life products without a wild life use right contrary to sections 30 and 75 (b) of the Uganda Wildlife Act, Cap. 200. (On two counts of Ivory and Pangolin scales). Upon conviction under this provision the accused would be liable to a fine not less than UGX 1,000,000 or to imprisonment for a term of not more than 5 years or both, in any case, the fine shall not be less than the value of the specimen involved in the commission of the offence.

3. Conspiracy to contravene provision of section 200 (d) (i) towit; possession of prohibited goods contrary to section 193 of East African Community Customs Management Act 2004. Upon conviction, the punishment under this section is imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

Ivory packed in paraffin wax within hollowed timber

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