You are currently viewing #23.  June 2013 Mombasa – 1.5 tonnes of ivory
KWS officer arranging the 775 pieces of ivory at Port police, KRA officials intercepted the ivory haul destined to Malaysia at the Mombasa port. The consignment was from Uganda after which KRA seized it at a private yard in Changamwe. Photo/Norbert Allan

#23. June 2013 Mombasa – 1.5 tonnes of ivory


  • On July 3rd, 2013, Mombasa port authorities conducted a verification of container PCIU 1522740 that was also bound for Malaysia.  It was found to contain 1478 kg of ivory consisting of 778 tusks and tusk pieces.
  • This container was known to have originated from Kampala and was driven to Mombasa via the Malaba border crossing.
  • A fairly extensive investigation, with Interpol support, was conducted with statements taken from at least 18 persons in Uganda and Kenya and suspects identified. No person was ever charged in relation to this shipment.
  • DNA analysis indicated that this ivory originated primarily from Tanzania stretching from Mozambique to the Masai Mara area.  This shipment also included ivory from the 22 elephants shot and killed by helicopter in Democratic Republic of Congo in March 2012 (widely believed to be of Ugandan military origin). 
FILE Not Prosecuted
SEIZURE DATE July 3rd, 2013 (also listed as June 12th, 2013 - the day it crossed into Kenya from Uganda)
LOCATION Mombasa Port
SEIZED WEIGHT IVORY - 1478 kg (1.5 tonne)
SEIZED DESCRIPTION 775 Tusks (1294 kg) and 184 kg worked packed in 69 bundles disguised as sun dried fish maws. SW - 359 tusks comprising 181 cut ivory and 131 whole pieces, plus 78 unspecified tusks
POINT OF ORIGIN Kampala, Uganda
POINT OF ORIGIN DNA Savanna were largely concentrated around central TZA, especially the Ruaha/Rungwa area, but extending into KEN, Masai Mara area. Forest ele samples concentrated in eastern DRC, the hybrids assigned to UGA and southern Sudan.
VALUE Ivory - USD $1.5 million
EXPORTER CONSIGNOR Bajje Investments Ltd - Uganda
IMPORTER CONSIGNEE Spectra Marketing, Malaysia
CLEARING AGENT FREIGHT FOWARDER Gisenya Freight Logistics Limited (Nairobi), Ngozi Clearing and Forwarding (Mombasa)
SHIPPING AGENT PIL (Pacific International Lines) Shipping (UGA + MBA Office)
SHIPPING LINE_SHIPS 1. AS Alicantia (original - booked by Lincoln Logistics). 2. Aquitaine Voyage (booked after container missed sail date)
ASSOCIATED VEHICLES KBJ 035C - Truck ZD1416 - Trailer
CONNECTIONS 1. Interpol reports that Ngozi Clearing and Forwarding were part of logistics train in the UAE 1833 kg seizure October 16, 2012 (#106). 2. Never identified as a suspect, a Mwinyi Hamisi was noted to have made a payment to KRA for this shipment. Hamisi was identified as a prime suspect in 3.3 tonne seizure made 5 days later but never located.
Tusk origin through DNA analysis by Centre for Conservation Biology
Forest elephant origins through DNA analysis by Centre for Conservation Biology

Over 775 pieces of ivory impounded at the Port of Mombasa

By ERNEST NDUNDA (Standard Media)
July 3rd, 2013: Mombasa, Kenya: More than 775 pieces of ivory estimated to be worth Sh29 million have been impounded at the port of Mombasa.
The ivory was hidden among dry fish in a container from Uganda destined for Malaysia.
A combined force of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Port Police and the Kenya Ports Authority intercepted the 1,476.4kg packed into a 20-foot container on Tuesday.
The impounded pieces included 1,294.2kg of raw ivory and 194.2kg of worked ivory.
KRA Deputy Commissioner in charge of Port Operations Mr John Changole said on Wednesday that the authority’s law enforcement officers started tracking the suspicious container since June 13 when it entered at the Malaba border.
Addressing the press at the Port Police on Wednesday after thorough verification, Changole said the container was expected to be at the port of Mombasa few days after it crossed the Malaba boarder.
However, Changole said the tracking systems showed that the container had not made it to the port as expected and his tracking unit embarked on a mission to trace it.
“My officers managed to trace the container to a private yard in Changamwe, Mombasa County,” said the senior KRA officer.
He said a combined force of KRA, KWS and police invaded the yard and discovered the container and took it to the port police.
“We positively identified the container as the one cleared at the Malaba boarder and after verification, we found out that what was declared as dry fish maw was stashed with hundreds of pieces of ivory,” said Changole who was flanked by senior officers from KRA, KWS, police officers and KPA management.
Dry fish maw is typically used to make stitching threads. “Illicit trade in ivory has been escalating as those involved in the trade keep on looking for new methods of trading,” said Changole.
The officer confirmed that the police had questioned the owner of the yard and the clearing agent.
Police said those arrested were helping the police with investigations.
Mombasa Port is prone to contrabands cargo forcing government agencies to be vigilant to avert smuggling.

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