You are currently viewing #124: March 2011 – Bangkok, Thailand – 2033 kg of Ivory From Mombasa Found in Container (Mungule 1)
2033 kg of ivory from Mombasa seized in Bangkok March 2011

#124: March 2011 – Bangkok, Thailand – 2033 kg of Ivory From Mombasa Found in Container (Mungule 1)

Originating From Uganda, 247 Tusks Found Amongst 100's of Boxes of Frozen Fish

FREDRICK SABABU MUNGULE, a Kenyan clearing agent was identified as being involved but never prosecuted for this seizure.  In 2014, he was charged for his part in shipping almost 7 tonnes of ivory, in 3 separate consignments, through Mombasa.  Those charges are still before the Mombasa courts.


  • On March 30, 2011, Thai officials seized a container of frozen mackerel found to have hidden amongst it, 2033 kg of ivory.
  • The container is believed to have started its journey in Kampala and transited Mombasa.
  • Two Kenyan clearing agents, Fredrick Sababu Mungule and Edward Muhasa Muta were found to be the facilitators of the shipment.  They were never prosecuted.
  • In January 2013, ivory seizures in Hong Kong, Mombasa and Singapore were all facilitated by Mungule and he is presently facing charges with Kenya Revenue Authority accomplices for those shipments.
  • The vehicles and drivers involved in delivering that ivory to port were also involved in Mombasa related ivory shipments in March – April 2015 for which there are also charges ongoing in Mombasa. (See Abdurahman Mahmoud Sheikh and others #’s 4, 12, 115)
  • It is not believed that DNA analysis was conducted on this shipment.

Thai customs seize two tonnes of ivory

A 2011 news report from Capital FM Kenya
BANGKOK, Apr  1 – Thai customs on Friday said they had seized two tonnes of ivory worth over $3.3 million hidden in a shipment of frozen fish — equivalent to more than 120 elephants killed.
Officials found 247 tusks concealed among hundreds of boxes of mackerel apparently from Kenya, in a boat at Bangkok Port on the Chao Phraya river, the customs department said.
The haul — which officials said was the biggest in a year and equated to at least 123 elephants killed — weighed 2,033 kilos (4,472 pounds) and was displayed by authorities in the Thai capital.
Wildlife anti-trafficking group Freeland said it was the first time customs officials had found ivory coming into Thailand by boat and said it showed smugglers were being forced to change tactics.
“It is another sign that steady collaboration by Thai and African law enforcement is foiling ivory traffickers who are losing huge amounts of money, and that’s where you have to hit them to stop them — in the pocket,“ said the group’s director, Steven Galster.
Freeland said the seizure marked the ninth major enforcement action by authorities in Kenya and Thailand since a collaboration was agreed in November 2010………….. (Link no longer available)

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