Linked Ivory Seizures

#49. July 2019, Singapore – 8.8 tonnes of ivory and 11.9 tonnes of pangolin scales

SEEJ-AFRICA THUMBNAIL: On July 21, 2019, and acting on Chinese intelligence, Singapore customs searched 3 containers enroute to Haiphong, Vietnam, from Matadi, Democratic Republic of …

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#48 January 2019, Kampala – 3.3 tonnes of ivory destined for Vietnam

SEEJ-AFRICA THUMBNAIL: On January 24, 2019, and acting on intelligence, Ugandan authorities stopped a truck/container on the Kampala outskirts carrying teak logs. The cargo, enroute to …

Linked Ivory Seizures

#43: Feb 2017, Kampala – 1.3 tonnes of ivory seized from West African (Kromah) syndicate

The Beginning of the End for Moazu Kromah Origin of consignment, last port before leaving Africa, seizure location, or destination location of some of Kromah’s …

Linked Ivory Seizures

#38: May 16, 2015 – 4.6 tonnes of Ivory From Mombasa Seized in a Shipment of Tea (The Sheikh’s #2)

No Charges Laid Despite Identical Logistics for Thailand 3.8 tonne Seizure Three Weeks Previous L to R: Abdurahman Mahmoud Sheikh, his half brother, father, and …

Linked Ivory Seizures

#23. June 2013 Mombasa – 1.5 tonnes of ivory

SEEJ-AFRICA THUMBNAIL: On July 3rd, 2013, Mombasa port authorities conducted a verification of container PCIU 1522740 that was also bound for Malaysia.  It was found …

Linked Ivory Seizures

#21: May 1, 2013 – 1478 kg of Ivory From Kampala/Mombasa Seized in Dubai

Irrefutable Evidence of Cartel Ivory Stockpiling – DNA Analysis Shows Tusks from Same Elephants in Different Shipments SEEJ-AFRICA THUMBNAIL: It is reported that on May …

Linked Ivory Seizures

#20. CF 417/2013 – Over 3 tonnes of ivory bound for China seized in Mombasa

January 14th, 2013 – 3827 kg of ivory found amongst a consignment of mazera stones Kenyan Authorities charged Fredrick Sababu Mungule (a clearing agent), James …

Linked Ivory Seizures

#13. December 3rd, 2011 – 1478 kg of Ivory Destined for Cambodia Seized in Mombasa

SEEJ-AFRICA THUMBNAIL: December 3rd, 2011: “Acting on intelligence, Custom Officials and KWS seized a consignment of 465 pieces or elephant tusks weighing 1647 kgs disguised …

Linked Ivory Seizures

#124: March 2011 – Bangkok, Thailand – 2033 kg of Ivory From Mombasa Found in Container (Mungule 1)

Originating From Uganda, 247 Tusks Found Amongst 100’s of Boxes of Frozen Fish FREDRICK SABABU MUNGULE, a Kenyan clearing agent was identified as being involved …

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