SEEJ Changes Tack – Wildlife Crime and the Integrity of Criminal Justice Systems Dealing With It.

Those depicted have no direct relation to wildlife crime.   Recently elected Kenyan Deputy President, the Honourable Rigathi Gachagua, appears to be on the verge …


Africa’s Hot and Dusty Courtrooms – a Frontline in the Global Fight Against Illegal Wildlife Trade

SEEJ-AFRICA: This report authored by Shamini Jayanathan, Global Prosecution Advisor to the Environment Team of UNODC, and published through the Environmental Investigation Agency. It can …


Kenya’s 90% wildlife crime conviction rate: a ladle of data, a generous measure of illegal grazing, a soupçon of corruption and a dash of perspective

The Republic versus James Tipape and 2 Others – Criminal Case 346 of 2015 Taveta It is a rarity for a decision on a wildlife …


Legal Precedent or “Legal” Corruption – The Repatriation of Seized Ivory

In the spring of 2015, the conservation world was rocked by three major ivory seizures that occurred within the space of a month.  Thailand customs …


The UNODC 2020 Wildlife Crime Report-More Harm than Good for Elephants?

Has Poaching Increased or Decreased in Africa? On Friday July 10th, 2020, the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) presented the 2020 Wildlife …


Poaching and the Problem with Conservation in Africa – A Rebuttal

On March 3rd, 2020, as I was trolling through the twitter news feed for conservation stories I came across “Poaching and the problem with conservation …


Legally Speaking, Can an Elephant Tusk be Anything Else?

I was in Mombasa Court yesterday listening to a case from 2018 where two ‘gentlemen’ were snagged in a car heading to Mombasa with 37 …


Mombasa Port Stakeholder Workshop – An Apology and Explanation

I am going a little off script this week in an attempt to extricate myself from a shit pit I jumped into a few weeks …


The 3 C’s of Illegal WildlifeTrafficking – China, China and China

Since my “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” year in Afghanistan, I have become a healthy skeptic of official …


The Appeal Acquittal of Feisal Mohamed Ali – A Victory for Rule of Law, a Process Corrupted, or Both

The Appeal Acquittal of Feisal Mohamed Ali: A Victory for Rule of Law, a Process Corrupted, or Both Could it have come at worse time …

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