Category: Under 100 kilograms

Under 100 kilograms

CF 853/2019 Mombasa

Ksh 13 Million Fine or 10 Years in Jail for Dealing Ivory SEEJ-AFRICA THUMBNAIL: May 16th, 2019, based on intelligence, DCI and KWS arrested Ibrahim

Under 100 kilograms

CF E324/2021 Mariakani

One Charged with Dealing in 101 kg of Ivory SEEJ-AFRICA THUMBNAIL: July 17th, 2021, one man was arrested by the Kenya Wildlife Service in the

Under 100 kilograms

CF 138/2021 Kwale

Kwale County Administrator Charged with Dealing and Possession of 35 kg of Ivory SEEJ-AFRICA THUMBNAIL: April 17th, 2021, police arrested a Kwale County clerical officer

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#145. CF 74/2020 Kibera

Three Arrested in Nairobi East with 55 kg of Ivory SEEJ-AFRICA THUMBNAIL: On January 14th, 2020, at approximately 16:30hr, investigators of the Kenya Wildlife Service


CF 1008/18 Mombasa

Two Arrested with 37 kg Ivory SEEJ-AFRICA THUMBNAIL: June 9th, 2018, and acting on intelligence, Kenya Wildlife Service and National Police Service officers stopped a

Under 100 kilograms

CF 3202/2017 Kibera

AP Policeman and Retired Policeman Amongst Three Charged with 25 kg of Ivory SEEJ-AFRICA THUMBNAIL: On 12th September, 2017, KWS officers received an intelligence report

Under 100 kilograms

CF 2292/2014 Kibera

Four Arrested with 43 kg in Controlled Delivery SEEJ-AFRICA THUMB NAIL: On the evening of May 26th, 2014, officers from the Special Crimes Prevention Unit