About Us

'Wildlife crime watch Is our "raison d'etre"

SEEJ-AFRICA (Saving Elephants through Education and Justice) is lawyers, investigators, researchers, writers, conservationists and people who are just passionate about saving wildlife.

Building on the successful model of courtroom monitoring provided by Wildlife Direct and Space for Giants, SEEJ-AFRICA will take it a few steps further. Wildlife crime watch is our ‘raison d’être’.

Recognized by the UNODC as a risk mitigation strategy to counter wildlife crime and corruption, we will be in the courtrooms of Kenya while maintaining a watch on global trends and stories affecting wildlife crime. What we observe, what we identify, what we track, is for the general public and decision makers alike. 

Just being there can make a difference.

Our Team

Judy Wangari - Contributor

LL.M, M.A, LL.B, Advocate of the High Court of Kenya

Judy is a Kenyan environmental lawyer specializing in wildlife & forestry crimes who has previously been directly involved in offering prosecutorial support in major wildlife criminal cases. She has undertaken extensive research on the general trends and development of transnational illegal wildlife trade in Kenya and East Africa.

Chris Morris - Contributor

Chris’s background is Canadian law enforcement culminating in 2012-2013 in Afghanistan as an adviser/mentor for the Afghan police through the European Union Police Mission.  It was, however, his time as part of the Charles Taylor war crimes investigative team at the Special Court for Sierra Leone that brought him back to Africa. Chris has for the past six years turned his focus of study to international wildlife crime, primarily in Kenya, and more specifically to how it is affected by corruption.

Irene Akinyi Awino - Contributor

Say hello to Irene Akinyi Awino. Irene’s specialty is education and outreach in the wildlife and conservation realm with experience at the Nairobi National Museum of Kenya and Kenyan NGO, Wildlife Direct.  Irene brings her community spirit and creative style to the SEEJ-AFRICA team. 

Observing, Tracking, Reporting and Supporting Wildlife Crime Investigations and Prosecutions